The Story of Two Friends: Campbell and Crystal

Campbell (left) and Crystal (right)

Big sister Campbell and Little sister Crystal were matched April of 2018 and their relationship has grown to more than a mentorship but to a friendship. Their unique match has been impactful for not only Crystal but to Campbell’s life as well. 

Crystal needed that person who would help her with her homework and overall have somebody that would be there in her life. Campbell was just that person for Crystal and their relationship came naturally. Both Sisters are interested in agriculture, horses and they both enjoy spending time with Campbell’s dog, Crazy. 

The most important quality of their mentorship is incorporating one another in everyday activities with each other, such as, taking Big Sisters’ dog to the dog park or going to the coffee shop to finish homework. 

The two are both inspired with one another and make sure they help each other achieve their potential. Crystal and Campbell always try to make sure to set goals for themselves to continue growing. “Crystal has always been brave and caring but her awareness and care for others continues to grow with the help of her developing listening skills,” says Campbell. 

Being a Big Sister has also allowed Campbell to grow within herself. She expresses, “Crystal has been a great friend to me. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and her parents. I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters out of the wind and it has been everything I’ve wanted and more.”

Campbell says Crystal has made an impact on her life. She also said, “I’ve enjoyed getting to know a different way of life. We are similar in a lot of ways but different in others. Being a Big Sister has shown me a new perspective of life.”

One thing on their bucket list to do together is to go to the new Adventure park in Lubbock. Every time they meet is a good time but this one is going to be a real adventure!

Campbell has been a Big Sister in our program for 1 year and 7 months. She believes others should volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, “It’s important for us to do something bigger than ourselves. If you want to do it, you have the time for it.” 

Crystal and Campbell’s dog, Crazy

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