The Story of Colton and Jeremiah

On July 30, 2018 Big Brother, Colton met Little Brother, Jeremiah for the first time. Since that summer day, they have spent every month having fun getting to know each other. This mentorship was built on friendship and potential!

Jeremiah was looking for a Big Brother that he could have fun with and make lots of memories together. After three years, Colton stepped up to become that Big Brother. Since their first meeting, they have enjoyed spending time playing basketball and going fishing. Their favorite time is at the bowling alley. Big Brother, Colton shares, “We always like to go bowling and keep track of our scores to see how we improve each time.” Bowling is just one way they keep track of their potential.

After a year and a half of their mentorship, Big Brother, Colton shares how he has seen Jeremiah grown, “He has always been respectful and kind, but now he is more confident.”  He also says, “Jeremiah is working harder and doing better in school.” Colton does his best to stay up to date with everything in Little Brother’s life. Colton said he checks in with Jeremiah each week to see how he is improving in school and life and if he needs any advice.

Little Brother, Jeremiah is not the only one who is impacted by this mentorship. Colton says, “He helps me a lot too! I always look forward to Saturdays when I get to hang out and have fun with Jeremiah!”
Colton has volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters for over a year and shares, “It definitely helps me grow as a person. It’s cool to make progress with a kid and be able to see them grow.” This friendship will continue to make lots of fun memories together in the new year!

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