Making Lasting Friendships

Big Sisters waiting to be matched today!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock is happy to announce that there is currently no wait for girls to be matched with a Big Sister! When a child has a mentor, they are more likely to have higher educational success, higher aspirations, and improved confidence. A Big and a Little build a friendship that can last a lifetime.

What is a Big Sister? 

A Big Sister is a female volunteer who is an active member of the community who is matched with a girl in need of mentoring services. The Big Sister volunteers to spend time with the Little Sister and becomes a friend who provides guidance. After receiving training from BBBS staff, the Big Sister is prepared to encourage her Little Sister to do well in school and in life. 

How do a Little and Big Sister bond? 

A Big Sister and Little Sister bond over activities they enjoy doing together! They can play sports in the park, try new foods, or even study at a coffee shop together. When a Big and a Little find an activity they both enjoy, that is when their friendship begins to grow. 

Why Should a Child Be Enrolled? 

A child enrolled and matched with a Big Sister in our program is impacted in a lot of positive ways. A study shows that children mentored by Big Brothers Big Sisters avoid risky behaviors, are less likely to skip school, and more. Locally, 84% of children enrolled in our program improved or maintained educational expectations.

How can you Enroll a Child? 

You can enroll your child online today or by calling our office during regular business hours at 806-763-6131. Stay up-to-date by following our social media pages and visiting our site regularly.

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