Big Brothers Big Sisters Board Member/Big Brother Shawn Vinson named 2017 United Way Agency Volunteer of the Year

Lubbock Area United Way honored outstanding volunteers at its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, January 30th, at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Banquet Hall.  Big Brothers Big Sisters Board Member and Big Brother Shawn Vinson was named the United Way 2017 Volunteer of the Year.

The United Way Volunteer of the Year Award is presented annually to an outstanding local volunteer who’s individual commitment to helping others exemplifies the tradition and spirit of caring.

The award recognizes:

  • Distinguished volunteer service to the community
  • United Way participation and service
  • Sustained and prolonged service to helping others

Shawn has been a long-time supporter and advocate for Big Brothers Big Sisters and has served on the Big Brothers Big Sisters board for the past two years.

In 2014, our local office was in midst of a relocation and the staff members did not have the space needed for all the office belongings nor did the agency have the means to pay for a storage unit. Upon hearing of this need, Shawn immediately offered a storage unit free of charge to help the agency. Since that day, the agency continues to use the unit and Shawn has graciously agreed to offer it free of charge as long as needed.

Not only has Shawn come to the rescue for the immediate needs of the agency, he continues to find ingenious ways to promote Big Brothers Big Sisters. This past summer, Shawn used a picture of a current match on a company flyer, which was then sent out to the homes of thousands of citizens not only in the Lubbock area but other areas as well.

While we are appreciative of Shawn’s role on the board, the one thing we are most proud of is his service as a Big Brother. It was at a monthly board meeting that Shawn first learned of his future Little Brother, Brion. During our agency summer camp, we highlighted the story of a young man who was in need of a Big Brother. This young man was approaching his 16th birthday, which means he would age out of our program if he was not matched. Upon hearing of this young mans need for a mentor, Shawn decided to apply in the hopes of becoming a Big Brother to this child.

While only being matched a few months the two have already started an amazing friendship. Brion has shown he is very comfortable with Shawn by sharing with him his struggles and successes in school. They have spent time together playing basketball, playing miniature golf and attending sporting events. Shawn has also attended Brion’s choir concerts and encouraged his work on academic performance by implementing a rewards system based on Brion’s grades.

As a professional, family man, Board Member, and Big Brother, Shawn continues to find ways to balance his time while making the most impact for our youngest citizens and community and for this reason we feel he is very deserving of Volunteer of the Year.

Thank you, Shawn, for all you do for Big Brothers Big Sisters Lubbock and Little Brother Brion!



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