How to Ignite Potential While Staying Healthy

In just a few months, we live in a different world. People are working from home, restaurants are drive-thru and pickup only, and supermarkets have empty shelves. Now is the time that we must stay home and practice social distancing. What does this mean as a Big Brother or Big Sister? How can you still ignite potential in your Little while not being able to spend time with them in person?

Here are some ways that you can be a defender of potential while practicing social distancing.

It is important to make sure to stay in constant contact with your Little. You can send them a text, email or note that says how important they are to you. Another great way to stay in contact is by video chat. During phone or video calls, you can ask them how they are spending time at home and encourage them to keep learning and growing. What are some things they like about learning at home? Are they playing games with siblings or family members? Have they been riding their bike or writing messages with sidewalk chalk? Although it may feel like the world is standing still; it is important now more than ever to encourage your Little to keep doing things that will ignite their potential.

As a Big, you can encourage your Little to keep up and try their best in their schoolwork. Littles are having to adapt to learning online and in a different atmosphere, so it is important that their Big gives them confidence that they can be successful. Another way you can continue to encourage your Little’s potential is by studying school subjects over the phone with them. You can talk about new math strategies or research their new science project. Showing your Little that you are there to help them in school will encourage them to keep working hard.

Right now, is the time to set goals. Use this time to make specific goals with your Little. What are some places in town you would like to visit together in the future? What is a food you want to try together? Is there a sport or hobby you can learn? Set goals as a reminder to each other that things will not always be like this, so make plans for future outings.

Our staff is adjusting during this time alongside with you however, we are committed to helping you and your Little. Should you have questions about how to support your Little during this time, please talk with your match support specialist. Also, be sure you are completing your match support and take that time to ask questions. We are all learning together and here to help.

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