January – Featured Match-Big Sister Randi and Little Sister Alyssabeth

Meet January Featured Match Big Sister Randi and Little Sister Alyssabeth.

Randi and Alyssabeth have been matched for 8 years and is one of the longest matches at BBBS Lubbock.

Big Sister Randi was nominated for Texas Big of the Year 2018. Randi has always been committed to meeting consistently with her Little Sister, exposing her to Lubbock community events, and supporting her educational goals each year.

Little’s Words

“Randi has been a positive influence in my life by molding the person I am today. She has changed my way of thinking and perspective of life. For eight years, I have had the pleasure of calling Randi, not just my Big Sister, but my Grandmother(Grandi). ”

“… She has inspired me to become a better student, and to achieve my goals of a happy life. Now it is my goal to become an awesome student, not settle for less than what I deserve, and to choose wisely so that in the end I

don’t regret anything I have done. When I look at Grandi I see everything I dream to become. I cannot think of a better influence on my life than her. I know I have her to thank for a lot of accomplishments. No matter how tough things got she never gave up on me and for that I am grateful. God truly loves us, and has an important purpose for allowing people to enter our lives”

Congratulations Randi and Alyssabeth on being this month’s Featured Match and setting such a great example for all of our matches!

*Featured Matches are chosen matches that have participated in agency or Big Council events, or the “Big” has sent in pictures of their own outings with their “Littles.” The match has also completed their match support on time and in good standings.*

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