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All money raised helps Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock pursue our mission to create one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

Walid (Wally) Al-Souki

Walid Al-Souki Gets Released--RELEASED--
Captured for providing exceptional real estate services while also helping provide hot meals and connections for those in need.  

As a Real Estate Broker at West Texas Realtors, Wally Al-Souki has a great sense of responsibility for his clients and community. A long-time donor and advocate of Lubbock Meals on Wheels, Wally Al-Souki’s support of the agency has made it possible for them to provide nutritious home-delivered meals to homebound, elderly, and disabled individuals. A veteran of the United States Army, Wally lives a life of duty, honor, and country. 

Help Wally Al-Souki get back to serving his clients and community by raising $1,000 for his release.

Learn More About West Texas Realtors
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Clara Ellison

Clara Ellison Gets Released--RELEASED--
Captured for making community engagement and philanthropy just as fashionable as the merchandise in her store.

As the Manager for Dillard’s Department Store, Clara Ellison knows that engaging with and giving back to local nonprofits benefits not only the community but also allows her team and customers to make a difference. By fundraising and advocating for organizations such as Ronald McDonald House and Lubbock Area United Way, she and Dillard’s employees demonstrate that service to others should follow the store motto and be THE STYLE OF YOUR LIFE. 

Help Clara Ellison get back to retailing the products and brands we love by raising $1,000 for her release.

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Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia Gets Released!--RELEASED--
Captured for being that ONE Guy you can count on to serve authentic, delicious Italian food while also sharing his time with local nonprofits.

As the owner of One Guy from Italy Restaurant, Tony Garcia knows servant leadership is the main ingredient to making Lubbock a special place. Whether serving on the Children's Advocacy Center Board, participating in special events for Goodwill, or the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, Tony's perfect recipe includes anything on his menu and sharing your time with the community, and maybe sharing some pasta too!

Help Tony Garcia get back to making those famous calzones and advocating for local nonprofits by raising $1,000 for his release. 

Check out the One Guy from Italy Restaurant
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Nicole Wingard

Nicole Wingard gets released from The Big Capture--RELEASED--
Captured for sharing positive and motivating messages with young girls across the South Plains area.

As Miss Brownfield, Texas, Nicole Wingard has a passion for helping girls discover the beauty within themselves. Sharing the power of positive thinking and self-empowerment, Nicole shows young girls how to improve their mindset and build their self-confidence. Her positive affirmations allow girls not only to practice self-care but also to serve their communities.   

Help Nicole Wingard get back to sharing her inspiring message by raising $1,000 for her release.

Follow Nicole's Journey to the
Miss Texas Pageant
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Christy Martinez -Garcia

Christy Martinez released-Early Release for Good Behavior- Captured for inspiring the community with new ideas and views.

As the publisher and founder of Latino Lubbock Magazine, Christy Martinez-Garcia offers information and news that is educational and beneficial to everyone. Business, Heath, and Education are just some of the pages highlighted in the monthly publication. By offering a Latino perspective, Latino Lubbock Magazine serves as a reminder that we are all valued, connected, and can work together to build a stronger and more inclusive community.

Help Christy Martinez-Garcia get back to reporting the news and publishing her magazine by raising $1,000 for her release. Click below to learn more about Latino Lubbock.

Visit Latino Lubbock Magazine
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Steve Gomez

Steve Gomez released-Early Release for Good Behavior- Captured for showcasing that dedication and hard work go hand in hand.

As the head coach for the Lubbock Christian University Lady Chaps, Coach Gomez knows that the quality and influence in our lives leads to incredible potential not only on the basketball court but also in life. Throughout his career he has built a network of players and community members that have a love for the game and the friendships that come along with it.

Help Steve Gomez get back on the court by raising $1,000 for his release.

More About Coach Gomez
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Katherine Wells

Katherine Wells released-Early Release for Good Behavior- Captured for serving communities and demonstrating exceptional leadership skills during a national health crisis.

As the Director of Public Health for the City of Lubbock, Katherine Wells has been at the forefront of a health crisis that has impacted every citizen. Although there was much uncertainty in 2020 and into 2021, Katherine’s knowledge, diligence, and courage helped address citizen concerns, all while gathering critical data. Katherine and her team later organized and lead a vaccination clinic that served the entire West Texas community and served as an impeccable example of efficiency.   

Help Katherine Wells get back to serving the health needs of community members by raising $1,000 for her release.

The City of Lubbock Health Department
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Todd Williams

Owner of JandM BBQ gets released-Early Release for Good Behavior- Captured for simultaneously serving the best BBQ and the Lubbock community.

As the owner of J&M Barbecue, Todd Williams knows the art of cooking delicious and flavorful barbecue that has been wowing customers for decades. While he may not be quick to share his recipes, he certainly does share his time supporting various organizations. The Children’s Home of Lubbock, Texas Boys Ranch, and Paul’s Project are no strangers to Todd’s delicious food and his heart that is sure to leave those he meets full.

Help Todd Williams get back to his favorite smoker by raising $1,000 for his release. Click here to learn more about J&M BBQ.

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Our vision at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock is that all youth achieve their full potential.

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